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leong yin

leong yin is a 37 year old family-owned mooncake and mooncake paste products manufacture company based in malaysia, the company started by the founder mr leong yin when he back from hong kong at year 1979, initially produces mooncake for sale only to neighbourhood friends. leong yin are the pioneer for Pandan vanilla filling for mooncake. today, leong yin run by the second generation and become Malaysia's largest full-scale and professional manufacturer of moon cake fillings which supplies to the main cities in south east asia, singapore, hong kong, china, taiwan and more.  

Print - packaging consulting and design


the iden challenge

iden worked with leong yin since year 2013 to designed several pansty products packaging for both local and oversea market. every projects always come with different theme and concept to keep fresh and niche look to maintain the attraction level.


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